Rehab a Property

What is a Real Estate Rehab?

Rehabbing properties has become a popular exit strategy in the real estate community. A real estate rehab occurs when an investor purchases a property, completes the renovations needed for improvement, and sells it for profit. Rehabbing property can be approached in multiple ways, but the properties are most often purchased at a reduced price and renovated with the objective to resell. This practice is also known as house flipping. Rehabbing is a real estate investing exit strategy that can lead to high profit margins. Property owners also use rehabbing to renovate their own homes for personal use or to increase their property value.

How to get Started with Rehabbing?

The first step in real estate rehabbing is hiring the right company for assistance. Carolina Renovations serves both North Carolina and South Carolina. We have an expert team experienced in both residential and commercial maintenance, repair, and renovation needs. Our professional team can help with anything you need throughout the entire rehab process. Our company even has an on-staff interior designer that can assist in modeling apartment and rental home designs. Our clients have confidence in our uncompromised services and quality of work throughout the rehabbing process. We have developed this confidence through our effectiveness, timeliness, and clear communication habits. Contact us today for an estimate!