Tracy Howe

CR Solutions

Director of Construction

Market Turns
Rehabs / Daily Work Orders

Focused on providing for the unique needs of both large-scale property and rental management companies for both single-family and multi-unit dwellings. Our specialties include “turn-around” needs as well as remodeling services large and small.

Our commitment to a cleaner, greener way of life.

CR Construction and Renovation Solutions started in 2013 as Carolina Renovations, a family based company.

Not only are we dedicated to the future of our business but to the health and prosperity of our children and grandchildren. As CR Solutions continues to grow, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility to do our part to create and sustain a healthier environment for the future.

As a company, we are putting into place best practices to reduce our carbon footprint by using local vendors and technicians, offsetting our fuel emissions, and moving primarily to digital communications. We are dedicated to carbon neutrality and we encourage all of our partners to utilize the same practices.

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