Vendor Resources

As we continue to grow, we are implementing more ways to offer a consistent product to all our Clients throughout our various Markets across the US.

There are a few housekeeping items that, going forward, we will require from vendors on our job-sites throughout their progress, to include:

For each project, a printed copy of the Scope (SOW) will need to be placed in the home — taped to the kitchen countertop or a cabinet in the kitchen.

  • As items on the scope are completed, the team can mark off completion
  • If a CR Project Manager walks a property and this scope is not on-site, the team will be held accountable and a $20 deduction will reflect in their given NTE.
  • Finishing our jobs with excellence and integrity is our highest priority. Marking off items as completed will ensure things are not missed and punch lists will become much smaller.

Estimated Completion Dates — All homes will need to be ready to walk 48 hours in advance of the ECD given for the project. (Not applicable for 1-2 day turns)

  • CR Project Manager (PM) will be on-site 48 hours in advance of the given ECD to ensure all items are completed and will provide a punch list to be completed within 24 hours of receipt.

Cleanliness – throughout the progress of the job, these are the expectations of the crews working in the home.

  • Homes are to be picked up each day
  • Trash will be kept neatly in the garage (bagged) or disposed of same day – if the property does not have a garage, trash must be disposed of or kept neatly out of street-view
  • Yard debris needs to be disposed of same day when performing lawn servicing
  • All trades are responsible for the trash they create as they work
  • No trash will be left in the yard, bushes, or around the home.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No trash will be in the home when the PM completes their final walk — if trash is present, a deduction of $20 will be reflected in the given NTE for the project.

if a crew gives the green light to have the home walked for closing by the Project Manager and the home is found to be incomplete, each return trip to verify completion will reflect as a $100 deduction to the given NTE for the project.

If there is an issue with the scope — you don’t receive the scope on time, there is confusion with requests in the scope, you cannot print the scope to install in the home, or if there are problems throughout the job that will potentially delay the job and her closing, please inform the Project Manager assigned to the job within 24 hours. If you cannot speak to the assigned Project Manager for some reason, text them as well as Emily (980.432.9444) — please communicate so we can help you! We don’t want to miss anything; our main goal is to turn these projects into our Clients as promised, on-time.

Please understand our goal here is to ensure consistency for each and every Client for whom we work. It is important that each person working for CR views themselves as a representative of Carolina Renovations to not only our Clients, but to everyone who may view the home in passing while these projects are on-going. These new policies are not designed to punish anyone, but rather hold them accountable as we are doing our best to provide an excellent and consistent product for all our Clients. Our Time is valuable to us as much as yours is to you. Ensuring the details are taken care of and reducing trips to properties will save each of us extra costs and unnecessary headaches!

Also, a reminder, all vendors for CR Solutions, going forward are required to utilize Corrigo – Please connect with us if you need assistance.