Making the property rent ready and finding another qualified tenant costs money. Read what to do between rentals…

Time is money

Whenever a tenant vacates a property making the property rent ready and finding another qualified tenant costs money. The national average cost of a turnover is equal to three month’s rent not including the lost rent during the vacancy. It is crucial that the turnaround time is minimized. By managing this transition wisely you can be successful!

Market Turning

Market turn crews are equipped to ready a property to rent again quickly with quality and efficient work. Now is the best opportunity to do maintenance and upgrades to your rental property. These include things such as…

Painting & Decorating

is always a good idea after a tenant vacates a property. It gives you, the owner the control to choose what paint goes up on the walls instead of leaving it up to a new tenant. Your rental is going to show better because of it and it will give your tenant a fresh start in their new place.

Maintenance Repairs

Now is also the time to take care of any necessary maintenance or repairs to your rental. You want to find out now instead of later if the faucets drip or the drains leak. Test all the plumbing and electrical and make sure it’s all in working order. A lot of times, tenants are hesitant to report a small leak or an outlet that doesn’t work.

Doors and Locks

Now is your chance to stop a potentially bigger problem from occurring thus saving you time and money. Change the locks. Security is an important issue for you as a property owner and also for the new tenant. Even though the old tenant gave you back the keys, it’s always a best to actually change the locks so there’s never a question.

Safety Devices

Safety is important to you as the landlord, so check the batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and insure they are working properly. Give your property a thorough cleaning inside and out so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you gave your new tenant a clean space and a clean slate and hopefully you will attract the kind of tenants that will leave their rental the way it was turned over to them.

How we can help…

Here at Carolina Renovations we can help minimize the down time in making your rental property rent ready. From painting & decorating (interior & exterior) to changing out light fixtures, to general maintenance repairs including plumbing and electrics. Contact us today to find out all the services we offer, so we can help you get your rental up and rented!